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Retaining Wall Installation


Quality Design & Installation

In addition to providing retaining wall block, we can also design and install your retaining wall. We use the latest 3-D technology to accurately estimate materials and time to create and install your retaining wall so you know exactly what you are getting, how much it will cost, and how long it will take. Our professional crew will install your retaining wall with care and precision to make sure it is sturdy and safe.

Our Retaining Wall Process

Onsite Visit With GPS Topographic Technology

We start with an onsite visit to gather all information needed, including a topographic map of the site using GPS technology. This gives us a 3-D image of the site and tells us exactly what we need to know to design your retaining wall.

Design with 3-D Modeling Software

Using 3-D modeling software, we then import the site and begin designing your retaining wall. Placing 3-D models of our blocks into the site, we can accurately build your wall in the computer first, showing you exactly what your finished wall will look like. We will know exactly how many blocks are needed, the location of the footing, cut/fill required, how much import/export there is, what finish grade looks like for proper drainage and how long it will take to build and install.  

Build with Quality Redi-Rock Blocks

Once you have approved your design and estimate, we will prepare the blocks for your specifications. We are a producer and supplier of Redi-Rock blocks. Redi-Rock is an engineered retaining wall system that relies on the mass of each block to hold back the earth, eliminating the need for reinforcement.

Precise Installation

After we have designed your retaining wall system our professional installation crew will install it to the specifications designed in the 3-D modeling software. Because Redi-Rock blocks do not require additional reinforcement, unless being subjected to above normal loads, a level base is all that is needed to install.


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